Workshop Topics

The recent development of the Internet of Things (IoT) brings forward numerous novel technologies whose application scenarios are not only applied to the user level (e.g., individual consumer or private company), but also the system level (e.g., commercial or industrial sector). For example, the IoT plays a significant role in the current Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) which consists of advanced sensing, wireless communications, cloud computing, intelligent control, massive data management, and many other elements.

However, these advances also bring significant challenges to public authorities, industry, as well as scientific communities. In terms of system design and control, current IoT applications in ITS need to be refined or even redesigned to better function under uncertainties in demand, and to better cooperate with existing conventional vehicles and infrastructure. From the performance assessment perspective, models and simulation tools based on artificial intelligence and big data have been widely developed for validation and evaluation of IoT applications, but also need to be re-examined with field implementations.

This workshop will be the third of its series (the previous two were held on IV'20 and ITSC'21), focusing on sharing the state-of-the-art design, models, algorithms, and field implementation of a wide range of IoT applications in ITS, identifying challenges as well as research needs, and aiming to encourage cross-disciplinary cooperation. The specific topics of interests are listed below:

• Digital twin of intelligent vehicles
• IoT applications in smart cities
• Cyber security of connected and automated vehicles
• Vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communications
• Artificial intelligence and big data application in urban mobility
• Edge computing and cloud computing of connected vehicles
• Field implementations of Internet of Vehicles (IoV)
• Federated learning for connected vehicles
• Electric vehicles and infrastructures towards carbon neutrality
• Extended reality (XR) applications and systems for intelligent vehicles
• Trustworthy AI and explainable AI for intelligent vehicles
• Applications of emerging communication technologies (e.g., 5G, Wi-Fi 6) to ITS

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Paper submission instructions can be found here. Submitted papers shall not exceed six pages (two additional pages allowed with a fee) as a PDF file in IEEE two column format.

Important Dates:

• February 01, 2023: Workshop Paper Submission Deadline (firm deadline, no extension)
• March 30, 2023: Workshop Paper Notification of Acceptance
• April 22, 2023: Workshop Final Paper Submission Deadline
• June 4, 2023: Workshops Day

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Workshop Organizers

Yongkang Liu, ML Engineer
Toyota Motor North America R&D - InfoTech Labs, USA
Dawei Chen, Research Scientist
Toyota Motor North America R&D - InfoTech Labs, USA
Qi Chen, Research Scientist
Toyota Motor North America R&D - InfoTech Labs, USA
Ziran Wang, Assistant Professor
Purdue University, USA
Haoxin Wang, Assistant Professor
Georgia State University, USA